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In a time when divorce rates have reached higher than any other time in history, it’s the children who also bear the brunt of such events. And we perfectly understand the distress of parents who have been awarded the custody of their children but are not capable of supporting them financially.
For this, we have a set of unbundled legal services, where you are allowed to represent yourself in the family court and state the case for yourself. All the legal aspects of your case will be taken care of by our experienced family law attorneys


Our attorneys have been handling such child support cases since more than a decade. They know the nooks and corners of the legality of these cases very well. So if you are the parent who deserves the custody of the child, but has no financial ability, worry not. Our lawyers at Affordable Legal Help will provide you with unbundled legal services.
We also fight for child support the other way around. If you are a man whose earnings fall short or doesn’t earn at all due to being on social benefits due to some reason, we can certainly help you fight your case to get you rid of a responsibility that you should not be shouldered with.

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-Emy Claura, Nevada

“If you are looking for the best attorneys to handle your child support case, this is the firm to work with. What this firm has helped me achieve is unbelievable. Words cannot do justice to how I feel. Thanks for your services. “

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-Jill M. Guelich,California

“This company rocks. Before them, I was quoted over $3000.00 to take my case. “Legal help Services” offered me a couple of different programs where I ended up saving about $800. Thank you for your help in my Child Support case”

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-Joshua Fuller, Maine

“I am so happy I can give my child the life she deserves now. Thanks to Legal Help Services.”

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